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Busywork & a noisy mind

Happy Tuesday everyone! I have 3 days off of work this week! My hubby is out of town – so I’ve decided to take advantage of the alone time and am headed to the mountains! I’ll spend 3 days in nature – away from people, work, chores, construction, and road noise. I plan to blog, journal, meditate, read, and spend time with my puppies.

I woke up this morning feeling so rested and at peace. And then, I let the real world set in, and I could feel that anxiety form in the pit of my stomach. I do this all the time – I let day to day life invade my time off instead of really being present and enjoying the time.

Frequently, when I have downtime – I fill it with cleaning, cooking, or random tasks. I could take advantage of the downtime – take a bubble bath, watch a rom com, read, meditate – but instead I default to busywork.

I remember every time I tried to give up alcohol, I filled my time with busy work. It was valuable early on, when I didnt know what else to do, but now, it really is a form of distraction.

Sometimes, I just dont know how to slow down and be present. Even though, I’ve found meditation to be a life changer for me – I still will default to busywork, planning, or constant improving. So this three days – hopefully – will be me reconnecting to self care.
Anyone else find themselves in that cycle of busy work…doing doing doing? What do you do to change it?