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Traveling hubby

First time hubby is traveling for work since I quit drinking. His travel nights usually end with me binge watching chick sitcoms while downing 2 bottles of wine. I ALWAYS wake up the most hungover on the days he is gone, and I ALWAYS regret whatever I did the night before.

Not this time! I’ve got like eight different herbal teas to choose from, new bubble bath to try out, and This Naked Mind downloaded in my new Kindle (that I just bought with the money I saved from not drinking)! Go me! Cheers to a very lovely evening of not drinking and an upcoming morning of feeling amazing!

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Drinking dreams

So last night I had a “drinking dream”. I remember when I quit smoking, I started having all these random dreams where I was smoking in them. It would freak me the fuck out, and I’d wake up craving cigarettes. I wasn’t expecting it to happen with drinking too! The dream was SO REAL and SO DETAILED. It’s like my brain was all “ok fine, you won’t drink for me when you consciously think about it…maybe I can get you triggered when you’re unconscious”. Well fuck off, brain! In the dream, I was sitting next to hubby and even said “this doesn’t make any sense at all – I’m obviously going to feel like shit”. So anyways, the dream rattled me a bit …but luckily, it’s just a dream.

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Preparation goes a long way!

Well today is day 12 of sobriety – officially 1 day more than I’ve been able to pull of in over a decade! First – I wanted to share what an amazing thing I’ve discovered. I apparently haven’t slept well in what seems like FOREVER! And thanks to not drinking, I SLEEP!!! I fucking sleep! Look at this shot of my average sleep before quitting and now my average sleep after quitting (from my Fitbit)!!!

This weekend started off very difficult – I hadn’t prepared myself AT ALL for the witching hour that Friday was going to be. I got through it, but not happily. By Saturday, though, I had a much better understanding of what was to come, and I practiced what I’ve learned at Hip Sobriety School so far. As a result, Saturday was an amazing evening! This isn’t easy by any means – but this weekend taught me that preparation and hard work go A LONG WAY!