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27 days

I am 3 days away from 30 days sober. There have been two times in my life where that has ever occurred – once when I was around 17ish…I was dating a boy in AA, and I went to a meeting with him. I connected so much with the stories – even though I really didn’t drink much YET. I managed to live/breathe/eat AA from that point forward. I look back at that time ironically – as the people there LITERALLY spilt more than I had drank and frequently told me that. My own family constantly told me I shouldn’t go to meetings and hated that I thought I was an alcoholic. I worked that program anyway. Despite EVERYONE not welcoming me and not wanting me there, I fought for it. It’s ironic to me since I really hadn’t started down my alcoholic path quite yet. I made it about 18 months and then decided to go drink instead. I proceeded to develop a much larger, daily wine habit for the next 18 years.

Then I decided I wanted a baby and needed to quit drinking for that. I never got pregnant (and thank goodness as I divorced that guy anyways) …I made it about eight months and eventually took up martinis instead.

Now there have been plenty of times that I’ve sworn off alcohol since then – but never made it more than a few days at a time. A year ago, I started the middle of the night, drunk/hungover google searches that led me to Hip Sobriety School. I always swore I’d never get sober again because I’d never go back to AA. I know it works for many…and I’m so glad for that…but it really was something I didn’t want to go back to ever again. I am SO grateful to have found this place. SO grateful that Holly showed up in my inbox as I was doing my middle of the night “God not this again, not another 3am hangover, I can’t believe I did it again”. I am SO grateful that even after I decided not to sign up…that I again drank so much the next night that I drunk-signed-up for the class anyways.

This has been the best 27 days of my life!

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