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Oh! So bars aren’t fun afterall

Happy Monday everyone! Me and hubby had a weekend getaway to Savannah (which I now realize we only ever went to because it’s a major drinking spot). We ended up talking a lot about my drinking and my sobriety. He is just now starting to see HOW much drinking ran my life. He didn’t realize how many decisions I made were entirely based around alcohol until he had to watch me make decisions around not drinking.

This was my second time out around drinking since I’ve been sober. I found myself really having trouble figuring out what to do with our time. I guess I just had to have a slightly awkward weekend getaway before I can have more relaxing ones. This was more like an assignment than a getaway…go away and figure out how to have fun sober…lol

What I LOVED about this weekend though – is my thoughts were all about figuring out my new life vs wanting to drink. There were a couple moments when I realized some things are gone that I hadn’t considered (certain drinks I associate with positive things) but I reframed that pretty quickly. All in all the weekend was exhausting but a positive learning experience.

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