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Preparation goes a long way!

Well today is day 12 of sobriety – officially 1 day more than I’ve been able to pull of in over a decade! First – I wanted to share what an amazing thing I’ve discovered. I apparently haven’t slept well in what seems like FOREVER! And thanks to not drinking, I SLEEP!!! I fucking sleep! Look at this shot of my average sleep before quitting and now my average sleep after quitting (from my Fitbit)!!!

This weekend started off very difficult – I hadn’t prepared myself AT ALL for the witching hour that Friday was going to be. I got through it, but not happily. By Saturday, though, I had a much better understanding of what was to come, and I practiced what I’ve learned at Hip Sobriety School so far. As a result, Saturday was an amazing evening! This isn’t easy by any means – but this weekend taught me that preparation and hard work go A LONG WAY!