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Change doesn’t happen on it’s own

Alrighty – I am really going to make this work. Not only am I diving into this whole alcohol-free world, but I am going to really try to push myself in all areas of my life. Part of why I am doing this is because I want a meaningful life, and that’s not going to happen if I just keep doing the same things I use to do and just not drink.

For work, I am a consultant and have had someone reach out to me a number of times offering me work that I’ve been too scared to accept. Today, I read my message from Holly from my sobriety workshop, Hip Sobriety School,  just at the right moment. Another job offer has come my way, and I am scared to death to do the job….SCARED. TO. DEATH! But….

I am willing to start before I’m ready!

So…I have accepted the work and am going to try out being a little uncomfortable …why not now when I have a great new supportive community? Why not now when I am already uncomfortable as hell with everything else I’m doing lol. If not now, then when?

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